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female and male seniors surfing the net with a laptop
News: Kinship Care - provided when a child cannot live with their parents
young boy with autism, his hands up against and behind a blurry pane of glass
News: Apply for Victorian Carer Card now...
Three young female friends out together one wheeling a friend in a wheelchair
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Older brother helping a younger brother with special needs in the pool
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family enjoying a day at the beach, one member is in a wheelchair
News: Featured Programs: Access Travel Pass and Free Travel on Sunday
Older Parent Carers playing card games with their male son who needs care
News: Companion Card
young man helping his mother reach for items and who is in a wheelchair
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father taking care of daughter who is ill
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Siblings: One sister helping out another who has autism
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young couple with their two young children, one of whom has special needs
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Activities and Programs

Take a tour at the Fairy and Royal Caves : Access to caves
Wednesday 30/11/2016
Access to Caves Both Fairy Cave and Royal Cave have many steps, narrow passageways and uneven ground making general cave access for visitors with significant mobility limitations not possible. However, the end section of Fairy Cave can be accessed by children and light adults with mobility limitations using an electric Stairclimber. This equipment enables visitors to experience one of the most spectacular viewing areas of Fairy Cave.
People Outdoors - "Adventure for all"
Wednesday 30/11/2016
Programs include single day through to week long camps and provide people with disabilities the opportunity to experience the social and developmental benefits of adventure outdoors. In some cases, participation is assisted by our charity, the People Outdoors Fund. All programs are staffed by trained and passionate professionals and volunteers.
Friday 25/11/2016
NDIS4Kids has been created in partnership with Association for Children with a Disability, Amaze (Autism Victoria) and Deaf Children Australia to provide the information you need to map your journey of accessing services that support the learning and development of your child.
Breaking bad: Regulating the responses of teachers to students' "behaviours of concern"
Friday 25/11/2016
This presentation will outline relevant Australian laws and policy guidelines that regulate the use of ‘restrictive interventions’ in educational settings. These interventions restrict a student’s freedom of movement and can range from confinement in a room, to the use of physical force or devices.
Sport and Recreation
Wednesday 03/08/2016
Disability Sport & Recreation provides and promotes sport and recreation opportunities for people with disabilities throughout Victoria. People with disabilities can engage in many different types of sport and recreation pursuits. For most sports, if the activity doesn’t work for all abilities, it can usually be adapted to enable everyone to participate. There are sport and recreation activities available to suits all types of disabilities, level of ability and activity interests.

Get involved

Sensitive Santa is Back!
Wednesday 30/11/2016
Sensitive Santa is making a return to selected shopping centres. Every child should have the opportunity to meet Santa and have their photo taken. Sensitive Santas are trained to communicate with children on the autism spectrum in a sensory-friendly way. There is no background music, queues or spotlights. The Sensitive Santa program was created to provide children with autism and their families a special Santa experience in a quiet, stress-free environment.
Friday 25/11/2016
Celebrating International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD) is a collaborative effort between schools, workplaces, businesses community groups and individuals to help break down disability barriers and celebrate abilities. The best way for you to celebrate is to hold an event in your community, organisation or business. It creates an opportunity to think, talk about and acknowledge people with disability positively. Events can take any form you wish. Big or small, simple or challenging, your event is only limited by your own considerations – and imagination. Event registrations for 2016 International Day of People with Disability are open. If you are getting in early for 2016, you can start planning your event or get some event ideas now.


EARS - emergency assistance
Wednesday 11/05/2016
Emergency After-Hours Response Service for people living in northern, eastern and western metropolitan Melbourne


New app to help accessibility for commuters who have a hearing or vision disability
Wednesday 11/05/2016
If you are caring for someone with a hearing or vision disability, a new app called ‘Stop Here’ will help train commuting to be more accessible."The ‘Stop Here' app tracks where a person is on the network and alerts via See, Hear or Feel - a notification on screen, a noise alert or through vibration - when nearing the station."