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Older Parent Carers playing card games with their male son who needs care
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father taking care of daughter who is ill
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family enjoying a day at the beach, one member is in a wheelchair
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young man helping his mother reach for items and who is in a wheelchair
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Three young female friends out together one wheeling a friend in a wheelchair
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young boy with autism, his hands up against and behind a blurry pane of glass
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young couple with their two young children, one of whom has special needs
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Spectrum Multicultural Choir
Wednesday 03/12/2014
The Choir brings together ageing migrants who share passion for music, desire to form new friendships and interest in learning about new cultures and languages. Communities represented in the Choir include Assyrian/Chaldean, Chinese, Vietnamese and Filipino.
New website about rights
Tuesday 02/12/2014
The Australian Human Rights Commission has unveiled a new website that provides practical information about the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The Declaration affirms the minimum standards for the survival, dignity, security and wellbeing of Indigenous peoples worldwide and enshrines Indigenous peoples’ right to be different.
Rivers to Recognition Campaign
Monday 01/12/2014
THE Rivers to Recognition campaign, taking place from October to December, aims to raise awareness about the recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as the First Australians. Six western region councils under the banner of the Western Region Local Government Reconciliation Network (WRLGRN) are partnering to deliver the campaign.

Activities and Programs

Wednesday 03/12/2014
iCare Special Needs Group Inc. is a parent/child support group that meets Fridays to discuss disability issues. iCare allows parents/carers to give and receive both emotional and practical support and exchange information.The group consists of parents who have children with special needs.
Blind Sports Victoria
Tuesday 02/12/2014
Blind Sports Victoria Inc is a statewide body providing support services to over one thousand blind and vision impaired people. Male and female participants of all ages are involved in both competitive and coaching programs as well as recreational activities.
Disability Sport & Recreation Festival
Tuesday 02/12/2014
The 2014 Disability Sport & Recreation Festival is Victoria’s premier event for the disability sport and recreation sector. Running from 1 to 7 December, this unique community event promotes and celebrates physically active lifestyles for all people of all abilities through participation in accessible and inclusive sport and recreation.
ADEC’s ArtAbility 2014 - Transitional Spaces
Tuesday 02/12/2014
ADEC’S ArtAbility program is holding its tenth annual exhibition ‘Transitional Spaces’ in Melbourne’s premier arts precinct Federation Square.Over 150 beautiful artworks will be on display and for sale in the Atrium from the 10th - 21st of December 2014. The exhibition is open 7 days a week and is free of charge.
Volunteering this Christmas
Tuesday 02/12/2014
Christmas is about giving – not just expensive gifts for family and friends, but also your time. What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than to volunteer with one of the many organisations that are overburdened during this season.
Homeshare Program  
North and West
Monday 01/12/2014
Homeshare is an exciting new program run by Care Connect and Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre. It offers a simple but effective way of meeting people’s support and housing needs. Homeshare brings together two people – both with a set of needs. The older person or person with a disability is the householder, who requires some practical assistance and support in their home. The homesharer is the person who will provide this support in exchange for accommodation.
Vocational Support for Carers
Thursday 27/11/2014
The Vocational Support for Carers program is a new initiative that recognises that carers of people with mental illness face particular barriers to pursuing vocational options such as training, studying, up-skilling and paid employment due to the unpredictability and episodic nature of mental illness.


New app to help accessibility for commuters who have a hearing or vision disability
Tuesday 02/12/2014
If you are caring for someone with a hearing or vision disability, a new app called ‘Stop Here’ will help train commuting to be more accessible."The ‘Stop Here' app tracks where a person is on the network and alerts via See, Hear or Feel - a notification on screen, a noise alert or through vibration - when nearing the station."
Males and females with autism show an extreme of the typical male mind
Tuesday 02/12/2014
The largest ever psychological study of sex differences in adults with autism has found that both males and females with autism on average show an extreme of the typical male mind, where systemising (the drive to look for underlying rules in a system) is stronger than empathising (the ability to recognize the thoughts and feelings of others and to respond to these with appropriate emotions).
How early trauma influences behavior
Tuesday 02/12/2014
Traumatic and stressful events during childhood increase the risk to develop psychiatric disorders, but to a certain extent, they can also help better deal with difficult situations later in life. Researchers have studied this phenomenon in mice to learn how these effects could be transmitted to the next generation.
North and West
Monday 01/12/2014
Emergency After-Hours Response Service (EARS) gives FREE in-home and non-medical emergency support out of business hours for people with disability, older people and their carers. telephone: 1800 72 72 80